Take off your shoes before entering the booth 

Inside each booth we have special foam tiles, which will make your experience much more enjoyable.

Virtual Reality rules


If you wear prescription glasses

There is a possibility that the glasses will not fit into the headset. We recommend wearing reading glasses or contact lens for the best experience. 

Virtual Reality rules


Put on disposable facial mask 

We care about personal hygiene. The mask is made of non-woven water-repellent fabric, it is soft and breathable. 

VR guidelines


Wait for our staff to adjust your headset, audio system and controllers

Make sure the headset is tightly fit on your head and won't fall down while you move around.

HTC Vive headset


Get familiar with VR environment | Acknowledge the grid

Move around, adapt to the world around you. You can see the blue grid around - these are your boundaries. If at any point this grid turns red it means you are outside the play zone and you need to get back - either by stepping back, or teleporting yourself with controllers (see below for controller's main buttons).

VR chaperone grid


Learn controllers basic buttons

1. Application menu button 2. Trackpad / Teleport 3. System menu button 4. Trigger button  5. Grip button

HTC Vive controllers


Pick the game and Have a blast!

You can pick any game from the media library yourself or just shout out and our staff will come and do it for you. Enjoy!

VR gaming


Please be informed that 

The use of  VR equipment is prohibited to individuals who are under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other intoxicating substances. We also do not sell or distribute alcohol. Alcohol is prohibited inside the facility.

For more information reas our Rules and Regulations

VR gaming