VR Escape Rooms

New Era Of Escape Rooms


$39 + tax




30-45 min




There's a wanted bandit on the loose and he's hijacked a train. If you don't bring him to justice, no one will!

Board the train, shoot down his drones, and make your way through the carriages to the final showdown.

You and your pirate crew have fallen victim to a curse and transformed into fish people!

The only cure is locked deep within an island temple — but time is running out.

The mad count Malin has been running evil experiments with dangerous creatures in his creepy manor.

It's up to you to get inside, investigate — and make it out alive.

Deep-sea platform Oceanus 5, has finally discovered the lost Temple of Osiris. Now it's up to you to gain access to the temple and retrieve the legendary artifact inside but your oxygen running out. Now it's up to you to gain access to the temple and retrieve the legendary artifact inside but your oxygen running out.

Your colleague, Dr. Hessenberg, has stolen the world’s first time machine and used it to send you and all his teammates back in time to be eaten by dinosaurs. Find a way back to the present and stop him before something catastrophic happens!

Fearsome dragons are flying towards Dragon Tower to once more sate their hunger on fresh sacrifices. And this year's sacrifice is... you! Can you and your fellow travellers escape from the tower before becoming the dragons' next meal?

You and your fellow Ninja trainees are on the cusp of completing your training. One challenge remains: ascend a thousand steps to the temple on the top of the mountain, proving your worth in the trials along the way. Only then, when you defeat your master, will you become true ninjas.

Hurtling through orbit, Space Station Tiberia is on a mission to intercept a ‘planet killer’ meteorite on a collision course with earth mere hours from now. Moments ago the station was struck by an intense radiation storm. Restoring functionality to the station and the anti-meteor laser array is the only thing between the human race and complete extinction.

Play the role of a group of scallywags locked away in the infamous B Block in this thrilling escape room. Solve puzzles together as you work your way through the prison's interiors to freedom. With three difficulties, but the same quality of experience, players of all experience levels will enjoy executing The B Block Breakout.