Are there age limitations?

Depending on the type of VR service, the minimum ages are as follows:

VR BOOTH: 7 years old

VR CAR RACING: Minimum Height – 149cm / 5’4″, which is average for 10-11 yrs.old kid.

ARENA SCALE VR: 10 years old

Please note the age limit for each service is carefully selected based on the health safety regulations and technical aspects of the equipment.

VR Booth

For the minors under 7 years old, the weight of the VR headset gives significant pressure on the neck, which might lead to the development of health problems, also, in most of the cases, the controllers are too big for the small kids to operate and reach all of the buttons.

VR Car Racing

149cm / 5’4″ is the minimum height required to reach the pedals to operate the car. A kid younger than 11 years old who meets the height requirements is allowed to use the service.

Arena Scale VR

VR Arena has six different games, each game has its own minimum age. Please refer to the VR arena games page for more information.